Salute, Soldiers!

Here’s an update on all things regarding tickets for the March 2020 and December 2021 show:- If you have a ticket for the March 2020 event, you can use it to come to the December 2021 event. No need to do anything, just bring your ticket!

- If you have a ticket for the March 2020 event and you can’t come to the December 2021 event, you can also use it for the March 2022 event! If you want to do that, you need to send us an e-mail to ticket2020@rampage.be, after which you will receive a form to fill out and return to us. We need to have this completed form before November 15th!If you don’t send us an e-mail or fill out the form in time, and you don’t use your ticket in December, your ticket will no longer be valid!If you have drinktokens or hotelrooms booked through us, send an email to ticket2020@rampage.be as well, and return completed form before Nov 15th of 2021.

- If you can’t find your ticket anymore, contact your ticketprovider; Paylogic and Festicket (https://consumer.paylogic.nl/tickets/), Teleticket (https://www.teleticketservice.com/en/about/contact), and they will help you out.

- If you changed your ticket for March 2020 into a voucher and you want to use that voucher to buy a new ticket, you can. Just enter the voucher code in the system when you buy a new ticket.

- If you haven’t used your voucher yet, be aware that they are only valid till Rampage Open Air 2022! You can use them to buy merchandise, drinktickets or eventtickets, but make sure you have used them before July 2022!

- If you have bought a ticket or got one from a friend and it doesn’t have your name on it, that is ok. Tickets need not be personalised!- If you want to sell a ticket, you can do it on ticketswap.nl

- it is 100% secure and you will be sure the seller can’t sell the ticket twice or use it themselves anyway. If you buy a ticket outside of Ticketswap and we can’t scan it, we can’t help you and you will not have access to the event.

- If you want to sell a Rampage hotelroom, you can do that on ticketswap.nl as well.

- If you want to change the day of your ticket, you need to send us an e-mail, to swapweek@rampage.be and do so before Nov 10th. After November 10th no dayswaps will be possible anymore.

- If you bought your ticket from Festicket and it includes a hotel, you can only sell the ticket on Ticketswap, not the hotel. You can still use the hotel yourself of course.

- If you bought your ticket on Teleticket Service, you cannot sell your ticket on Ticketswap.

- If you want to buy an extra ticket for a friend, you can do that here from Nov 1st: www.rampage.eu/tickets

- Full updated line-up for the December event will be only on Nov 1st!

Corona Measures

What if I have a ticket for Rampage Open Air 2020?

This ticket will be valid for Rampage Open Air 2022.


Discover our Rampage accommodations: the Official Rampage Hotel and our partner hotels. Deluxe Rooms and weekend arrangements. Prices from €56,25/pp/night.




Extra ticketsale starts November 1

Click here

VIP Tickets

Visitors with VIP tickets have to enter through the separate VIP entrance. Just follow the signs “VIP”. At the VIP entrance you will receive a VIP bracelet. You will also have access to the VIP deck in the main room.

Extra ticketsale starts November 1

Click here


Timetable will be available a few weeks before the event.

Eco Token


Become part of a cleaner environment and make Rampage more sustainable by recycling our plastic bottles and cans together!
We would like to ask everyone to keep the venue clean and to help us recycle as much as possible.
This is why the “Eco Token” system will be introduced at Rampage.
When entering the venue, you will receive 1 free Eco Token.
Please read carefully how this will work:

Doors & Security

Rampage will take place Friday & Saturday, December 10 & 11, 2021 from 19:00h till 06:00h. There will be increased security measures and controls by the security staff. Please follow all instructions carefully for your own safety and for a smooth entrance.

We ask you to bring as little unnecessary stuff or bags as possible, but do dress up warmly when cold. IN=IN, OUT=OUT. The entrance will close at 3 AM.

Venue Address

Sportpaleis Antwerp

Schijnpoortweg 119
2170 Merksem



There will be lockers available at the Sportpaleis. We recommend sharing a locker with your friends to save money and space. Rampage cannot be held responsible for any damages or thefts.

Zero Tolerance and minimum age

There is an absolute Zero Tolerance policy regarding drugs. Visitors will be checked at the entrance. The minimum age is 16 years. IN = IN, OUT = OUT. Make sure to bring your ID, because age will be checked at the entrance. No valid ID = no entry and no refund!

Food stands

There will be food corners at the venue.


We are very lucky to have a professional media team. They will capture the whole event through video footage and photographs. That is why we strongly recommend to experience and enjoy the event with your own eyes and not through your smartphone.

Official Media Team

There will be an official media team at “Rampage”. Our photographers and camera crew will be up and running during the event, so make sure to wear your brightest smile.

The official aftermovie for “RAMPAGE” will be available in a few weeks after the event. The official pictures will be available on our Facebook page and on our website, a few days after the event. Please note: you may have been photographed, but this does not mean that your picture will end up online.

What can I bring to Rampage

The following items are not allowed: bottles of perfume, aerosol deodorant bottles, selfie sticks, food, drinks, any kind of weapons, drugs, flagpoles, football flags/any signs of racism or hate.


There will be merchandise available during “RAMPAGE”. You can find the merchandise stand in the main entrance Sportpaleis. Merchandise is also available online. Go to our webshop for more info.

How to get there - Bike

There is a bike park in front of the Lotto Arena – 100m on the left hand-side of the main entrance.

How to get there - Car Parking

For detailed parking information, click here.

Please note that Antwerp is a ‘Low Emission Zone’, which means that old cars are not welcome in the city. You can read more about this and check if your car is allowed here.

How to get there - Park & Ride

Here you will find all information concerning the Park & Ride parkings.

How to get there - Public Transport "De Lijn" Antwerp

All persons who have purchased a ticket for this event, will be able to travel for free within Antwerp with ‘De Lijn’ – this includes all travel with public busses ‘De Lijn’ and metro/trams.

During the night there will be connections from Sportpaleis to the Park & Ride-parkings and the centre of Antwerp. The first tram (number 3) in the morning, direction Merksem/Antwerp, will be available from 05:30h.  Plan your trip by checking this overview or get yourself updated at www.delijn.be.

How to get there - Airplane

Nearest airports:

Brussels Airport: www.brusselsairport.be
Antwerp Airport: www.luchthaven-antwerpen.com
Amsterdam Airport: www.schiphol.nl

How to get there - Thalys

Take the THALYS train from Paris France, or Amsterdam, The Netherlands. There is a stop at Central station Antwerp, where you can take Tram 3 to the venue. Exit “SPORT”.

How to get there - Eurostar / Eurotunnel

Take the Eurostar from London to Brussels Midi. From there you can take the train to Antwerp Central Station, where you can take Tram 3 to the venue, Exit “SPORT”.

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